Calico County


Calico County was conceptualized with the idea that traditional American foods will never go out-of-style.  Those three sectioned plates featuring delicious meats, tasty vegetables and warm fresh-baked breads will forever be popular in our great country.  So, with that in mind we created incredible cooked-from-scratch recipes and opened our doors in 1984.  We also remembered that when Americans sit down at the dinner table, if the recipes are good, many of us want a second helping.  So, we ensured that our meals are of ample portions.  They will satisfy almost anyone’s hunger!

During our three decades, we have increased our menu selections; added a complete breakfast; developed one of the most efficient catering services in the area; and we even survived a devastating fire in 2012.  But, we persevered and never lost sight of our original objective:  Ample portions of fresh foods that are served in a timely fashion.  And, we might add, all at affordable prices.  So, for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Catering, Calico County is your choice for Traditional American Food served in an atmosphere full of American Memories.